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I'm a visual artist who lives and works in Bratislava. I work with the medium of drawing, installation, performance art and poetry. I focus on the topics of gender identity, intimacy of our bodies, sex, transformation and the problems of binarity in all senses of the word. In my art practice I create a new environment, inspired by tendernesses of life and a constant change of itself. Definition and deconstruction of human beings and nature are explored in my surreal worlds with the body as a proof of existence. 

My primary medium is drawing and a personal diary, where all my ideas arise and where my aesthetic is formed. I am currently working with different materials (such as textiles, photography, plaster and other found materials), which helps me to express different topics by using a variety of physicalities of the materials as a tool of expression. I describe myself as an intermedia artist focused on slow patient work and body policy, an existential poet and a queer/feminist activist. 

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